Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cobra Time

I was watching cable television on my jet blue flight to NYC yesterday. I was really groggy from virtually no sleep the night before and slept from take off to mid flight.

I started flipping through some channels on the complimentary in flight cable when I woke up and watched some show on Bravo where this woman with an australian accent comes into a small town hair salon and shares her critiques with the staff and forcefully shows them how to improve the salon. It was ok for a little bit, but then I found myself watching animal planet.

For a brief moment it captured my complete attention, which never happens because I dislike animals and have a hard time empathizing with them. (i am just being honest.) I caught a highly riveting segment of Steve Irwin searching for the perfect cobra snake to photograph. He was wearing rustic safari clothes in the desert running around passionately in search for "the one". I won't say much because I want you to experience the same thing I felt when I watched it.

It was scary becasue we were experiencing great turbulence in the peaks of the man vs. snake drama and towards the end of the shot I felt a tap on my shoulder which scared the shit out of me. I jerked in my seat and turned around to a flight attendant who had been watching over my shoulder, just as enraptured as I saying

"Oh my god, did the snake just bite that guy?".

He apologized for scaring me and i said

"it's cool"

which is a completely ridiculous response considering i hadn't felt that scared since this random gang banger drove up to my house the other day and yelled to me


Now that i have searched and found the scene again on youtube I am on the snakes side. Leave the snake alone. At first it was a bit romantic, seeing someone putting themselves in such danger for a distinct and untouchable photograph of such a powerful creature, but it just seems kind of stupid. I have been googling images of cobras and there are so many. Steve Irwin should just cool it for a little while.




Anni, hate to be the bearer of bad news but...
Steve Irwin is DEAD.


la-underground said...

we always get steve irin mixed up with steve erkel.

MountsamariA said...

I can't believe that guy was killed by a sting ray.
Of all the dangerous animals in the world... he picked that one to die from.