Monday, December 29, 2008


The subjects in this blog have naturally fallen outside of music, but I really like what I have seen/heard of Jan Terri. I first discovered her about one year ago. Rollin showed me a variety of her music videos on youtube. She is a bit of a cult figure from what i gather, so maybe it's your thing, maybe it's not, and maybe you're already aware of her. She seems to have an earnest sense of "putting herself out there", which i admire greatly. She's also a Chicago lady, and I like that too. No irony here for me ither, just really into it.

hope you enjoy, or pass it along to someone who will if you don't.

p.s. i love the limo so much

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I think I have been asserting my home and craft desires lately. It started off with cooking a year ago and then gradually progressed into a full fledged love affair with decorating, baking, and making homemade soap and stuff. You can imagine the holidays bring ample opportunity to almost go over the edge for a newcomer to homekaing like me, but i don't mind. I feel like it upsets some people how other people enjoy christmas, thanksgiving, birthdays or whatever, but for me it's always a pleasure. I also feel like there are some folks who deny themselves the joys of a holiday and confuse themselves into having disdain for it because there is so much pressure to be unfufilled by such simple pleasures as food, family, cookies, nostalgia and stuff. However, i also think there are situations where it is impossible to enjoy holidays with such a declared expectation for "treasured moments" and stuff.

the past few weeks have been a blur, filled with explorations in homemade candy, cookies, making my own tree ornaments from printer paper, making bath salts and lip balm from scratch to give as presents to all of my girlfriends and even hosting an "open house" with mulled cider, and my very own cheese spreads. It's worth something to know i can do these things on my own, but I will admit i haven't found anyone who i can share my zest for homaking with quite yet.

if you know someone in your life right now who is genuinely interested in these types of activities, please don't write them off immediately, they are most likely going out on a limb to try new things and share the tasty/nice stuff they are making.

here are my new "famous" chocolate covered pretzel rods. i find this picture funny because i hate cats, but my sweatshirt says otherwise. i wore it that day because i was hanging out with my x-roommate/best friend and we have an ongoing joke about how i hate cats. she has 2.

happy holidays!