Monday, December 29, 2008


The subjects in this blog have naturally fallen outside of music, but I really like what I have seen/heard of Jan Terri. I first discovered her about one year ago. Rollin showed me a variety of her music videos on youtube. She is a bit of a cult figure from what i gather, so maybe it's your thing, maybe it's not, and maybe you're already aware of her. She seems to have an earnest sense of "putting herself out there", which i admire greatly. She's also a Chicago lady, and I like that too. No irony here for me ither, just really into it.

hope you enjoy, or pass it along to someone who will if you don't.

p.s. i love the limo so much


corneeeeelius said...

I just saw that you're playing SXSW this year. That's awesome. I'll probably be there, we should catch up or something.

Angel said...

Not bad. I like it but then again I admire all and any musician(s) who willing to put themselves out there.