Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cobra Time

I was watching cable television on my jet blue flight to NYC yesterday. I was really groggy from virtually no sleep the night before and slept from take off to mid flight.

I started flipping through some channels on the complimentary in flight cable when I woke up and watched some show on Bravo where this woman with an australian accent comes into a small town hair salon and shares her critiques with the staff and forcefully shows them how to improve the salon. It was ok for a little bit, but then I found myself watching animal planet.

For a brief moment it captured my complete attention, which never happens because I dislike animals and have a hard time empathizing with them. (i am just being honest.) I caught a highly riveting segment of Steve Irwin searching for the perfect cobra snake to photograph. He was wearing rustic safari clothes in the desert running around passionately in search for "the one". I won't say much because I want you to experience the same thing I felt when I watched it.

It was scary becasue we were experiencing great turbulence in the peaks of the man vs. snake drama and towards the end of the shot I felt a tap on my shoulder which scared the shit out of me. I jerked in my seat and turned around to a flight attendant who had been watching over my shoulder, just as enraptured as I saying

"Oh my god, did the snake just bite that guy?".

He apologized for scaring me and i said

"it's cool"

which is a completely ridiculous response considering i hadn't felt that scared since this random gang banger drove up to my house the other day and yelled to me


Now that i have searched and found the scene again on youtube I am on the snakes side. Leave the snake alone. At first it was a bit romantic, seeing someone putting themselves in such danger for a distinct and untouchable photograph of such a powerful creature, but it just seems kind of stupid. I have been googling images of cobras and there are so many. Steve Irwin should just cool it for a little while.


Monday, September 22, 2008


I am so excited for thanksgiving. Even though it's like 2 years away, I am extra excited this year. First off, I mean can you beat the food?

Secondly, I will be having a peculiar mixture of people gathering at my house for the holiday. My parents will be coming down from MN, which should be fun for them to visit me for a change and of course my mom will cook the bird because i will mess it up if she doesn't. Also attending will be my dear group of friends in chicago who are all British for some reason and won't fully apreciate the meal or the idea of thanksgiving, Rollin's mom and his new honorary grandma who is an author of very intense books, suggesting humans are born too soon. She is very non religious and tends to talk about her theories and beliefs very much. IN FACT, I think she will make this conversation the theme throughout the dinner....... so anyways..... and i think Rollin's biological grandma will make it too. She is very flexible and adaptable. She is a great singer too. She used to be a singer on the radio. For instance when you hear a little jingle that dates back to the 50's era like
"Double ULOL. CHICAGO", chances are you are hearing her voice.

Also thanksgiving will mark the other side of the time warp I am about to enter. I leave for tour on Friday and will return about one week before thanksgiving. It will feel like thanksgiving is next week practically, hence the timing of this post.

I bet you are counting the days now aren't you?


Gram Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

p.s. this is neither of rollin's grandma's

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Really Had me Going. (very entertainin')

Today I started smelling a really strong gas smell in my kitchen. I called Rollin and he was like:

"call the gas company and open the windows" .

A man from the company quickly showed up after I called and he gave me a speech before entering my house, but i couldn't really understand him. i would later find out that he was telling me it would be in my best interest for him to leave at that point. i was opening a whole can of worms.
He went straight to the furnace with this electronic sensor device and found all this stuff that needs to be changed before he can turn the gas back on. Most items in my kitchen were not up to code.


The man from the gas company was friendly and gave me good advice. He looked down into my basement as he was leaving and said "this world is falling apart". i thought that was kind of weird, but it didn't bother me.
After the man left, I called the landlord, feeling a bit intimidated.
He says:
"ya know. sometimes apartments smell like gas. it's really a minor thing. i wish you would have called me."

what if my house blew up though. i mean i guess i did the right thing.
my dad said :
"you did exactly the right thing. what were you supposed to do? it smelled like gas!"

i realized today that my landlord and my dad probably would disagree on a lot of things.
i should have them both over for dinner. that would be very entertaining.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Times Start Now


I am sure the title of my blog initially reads as "anni rossi is good times" but upon closer looking it is actually "anni rossis good times". so either way really. i like both.

My summer break is coming to an end. I am wrapping up my part time job up in Skokie, IL.
I have been caring for an elderly woman by the name of Grace which has occupied all of my time on the weekends. Even so, the past couple of months have been relaxing. I even started taking an interest in decorating my new house. I do the laundry regularly too.

I am headed out of town in 2 weeks time with rollin. We are embarking on a month long tour together in the uk. Should be fun, although i dislike being there in general.

When i return to the states, i will tour the east coast down through georgia and back up to chicago via Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. I am setting up some shows in towns i have never heard of, or never been too and this excites me very much! be on the lookout for me if you have any interest, if not, that's fine too. I will be traveling with Emily Lacy. She is a friend I met back in California and recently got back in touch with. She's on the go as often as I am. We have an understanding.

You will see photos, drawings, fake letters, and genuine posts of my every day experiences over here if and when you check back.