Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Really Had me Going. (very entertainin')

Today I started smelling a really strong gas smell in my kitchen. I called Rollin and he was like:

"call the gas company and open the windows" .

A man from the company quickly showed up after I called and he gave me a speech before entering my house, but i couldn't really understand him. i would later find out that he was telling me it would be in my best interest for him to leave at that point. i was opening a whole can of worms.
He went straight to the furnace with this electronic sensor device and found all this stuff that needs to be changed before he can turn the gas back on. Most items in my kitchen were not up to code.


The man from the gas company was friendly and gave me good advice. He looked down into my basement as he was leaving and said "this world is falling apart". i thought that was kind of weird, but it didn't bother me.
After the man left, I called the landlord, feeling a bit intimidated.
He says:
"ya know. sometimes apartments smell like gas. it's really a minor thing. i wish you would have called me."

what if my house blew up though. i mean i guess i did the right thing.
my dad said :
"you did exactly the right thing. what were you supposed to do? it smelled like gas!"

i realized today that my landlord and my dad probably would disagree on a lot of things.
i should have them both over for dinner. that would be very entertaining.



yonilizer said...

Sorry I bailed at the smell of gas.

Worked at T-Bell too long.

to dawg love log

jenny said...

Ew! Sounds like a slum-lord to me. Make him fix that shit! Or tell him you will sue his ass.

xo js