Saturday, February 28, 2009


METAL!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Sun Feb 9 (written about on feb 11)

Today kind of sucked, but it's ok now. Whitman (chris payne) picked me up at 9AM because we had a show in Tucson tonight. It was about a 10 hour drive. We played in an old airplane hangar which was pretty cool.
Luckily I had a sweet cd that my friend Anglina burned for me before I left Chicago. She DJ's around chicago sometimes. One night I heard this one song she had played and

I was like:

"what is this?!"

and she's like:

"it's black sabbath you idiot"

We listened to the BS album Master of Reality all the way to Tuscon. It pretty much saved my mood and passed the time away. We were hosted by a nice guy named Eric who is in a metal band. Once we started talking about my new love for Black Sabbath

he was like:
"you HAVE to check out this band acid king. it's like black sabbath but with a female singer"

we listened to it the next day on our way back to phoenix and it was not like that at all. it didn't need to sound like black sabbath for me to like it, but it wasn't my thing. I didn't like it. it sucked

here is a recap and some honorable mentions of some stuff we listened to on our SW tour.

Black Sabbath (Master of Reality)
Justin Timberlake (Futuresex/Lovesounds)
Kanye West ('heartless')
Nicole Kidman (new unreleased cdr of upcoming album)
Coconut Records ('west coast' have a song with the same title)
Acid King (don't know the name of the album)
Gowns (RedState)
The Zombies (mixed songs)
The Beatles (Revolver)
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (untitled cdr)
MetalMags (myspace songs)

got any more suggestions to add to my SWEET mix?
let me know



Rich Seymour said...

we (kevin greenspon and i) played that hangar... to like a few people... it was radical. I heard from chris yr tour went well.

kikiboy said...

Anni Rossi, here are some idears for your next 10 hours journey :

Micachu, Golden Silvers, Titus Andronicus, Camera Obscura, Barbara Carlotti, M Ward, Cuizinier, Coeur de Pirate and Isabelle Aubret.

hope you'll like it!!!

anni rossi said...

just got around to listening to Micachu today. what a great recomendation! and to my astonishment i just realized we are playing a party together next week, so i get to see her band live too, thanks for the heads up. will slowly make my way through the other unknowns in your list-looking forward to it

P said...

Ok For traveling:
A bit of Neutral Milk Hotel always helps and Bon Iver disc is just as amazing

Roma di Luna - Casting the Bones * These Guys are from Minneapolis you might have heard of them if not, try and get some of their stuff.

Jeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass Songs *Awesome Album really really Good I think you will like it.

Astronautalis - Pomegranate *I think you will like it

Anything by Micah P. Hinson that you can find it's all great and is awesome for driving.

Ane Brun - Duets *if you can find it

And I'm not sure how much your into folk music but there is a collection called The Art of Field Recording Volume 1 it's fantastic and well worth a purchase if you are feeling adventurous.

*Note I was luck enough to find myself listening to your ep while driving through the Redwoods in California earlier in January, it was memorable to say the least. Good luck and hopefully I am not too late with this.

P said...

Yea, looks like I am way late, sorry :( They are still great suggestions.