Sunday, March 8, 2009

Questions & Answers

Last year I played a therapist in Aimee Goguen's upcoming film "Happy Once Happy". As part of the cast I was asked to fill out this questionaire which will be public later on anyways, so I thought I would share. Above is a still from the film. I'm hoping she will let me post a clip from the movie when it's released.

What is your happiest memory?

My happiest memory is laughing to the point of vomitting with my bff Danelle back in middle school when we placed the vacuum tube on my dad's nose and turned it on while he was sleeping, and then doing it a couple more times as he went in and out of sleep. (hands down on this one)

What is your saddest memory?

helping the funeral home move my grandma's body out of her house an hour after she died.

What is your favorite color?

Olive Green

I'm interested in everyone's happiest/saddest memories and favorite colors too. Just leave a comment and let me know when you can.

you can check out the rest of the casts answers along with drawings of all of us here


Wafhoia said...

Happiest Memory: Going caroling with my friends late at night at Church camp. A girl's dad brought his truck, which was giant. All of the middle school girls fit into the back of it. Pretty much every night that week we drove around the campsite at night and sang as loud as we could.

Saddest Memory: When my great aunt died. Not the funeral (That was actually fun because my cousin and I played in the graveyard...I was eight years old...), but getting the news.

Favorite Color: Either silver or Dr. Manhattan blue.

anni rossi said...

cool, thanks for this! i really like the part about the girls crammed in the back of the giant truck

NattyD said...

hey Anni, I keep hearing your songs on The Current, and they're great.

Happiest memory- One amongst many: I worked one summer at an ancient hotel on an island off of the coast of New Hampshire. In the evening, I would climb the fire escape and watch the stunning sunset over the water. I felt absolutely and totally carefree.

Saddest memory: Death of my border collie, Fife. He was the family farmdog from the time I was five, the defining feature of a utopic youth. He died while I was in my senior year of college, preparing to graduate and move on to the real world. Right then, I knew my childhood had ended.

Favorite color: Blue.

Out of this Spark said...

Dear Anni Rossi,
I hope I can catch your show in Toronto before we fly to Germany that night...!
Sincerely Kat Burns

Rich Seymour said...

your second answer leaves me looking at the church organist tape again...

your first answer reminds me of a time me and my friend put a vacuum up to my nose... I thought it was cool until the blood.


-Rich (of clark 8)

deleted user said...

My happiest moment was when I realized I was alive. This was, perhaps, my saddest moment as well. I like your music.