Tuesday, October 7, 2008

G. Ramsay

I only recently discovered celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey (of Kitchen Nightmares). Oddly enough I first found him in the states right before I left for the UK this last week and when I arrived in London, I saw him on every other billboard and tv commercial.

I have been told he used to be a professional soccer player and after a horrible injury he decided to become a celebrity chef. I think it appears as a strange career shift, but somehow inspiring. He also manages to tie his 2 careers together by taking his shirt off in every episode of Kitchen Nightmares so people don't forget about his athletic achievements as a soccer player while forging ahead as a chef.

He is living the American dream even though he is british. He proves that if you put your mind to something "YOU CAN DO IT".

Gordon Ramsay; David Gray


good luck!

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