Monday, October 27, 2008

All I want for Christmas

I am in the middle of my US tour. I just got done with a string of shows in the uk last week. I have had very few days off, but when i have managed to get some time to relax, I happen to be hosted by people who own HIGH DEFINITION FLAT SCREEN TV's!

I am hooked.

I watched Carlito's Way in Belfast on a huge HDFSTV. Aside from the movie being awesome, it felt like Al Pucino was right in my face, the screen "becomes an extension of the room". (This is how poetic HDFSTV makes me feel.)

I am staying with my brother in Washington D.C. right now. He also has a huge HDFSTV. I watched game 4 of the world series and then the Departed. It was awesome.

This guy told me about his small business endeavor about a year ago. He bought 10 HDFSTV's from a wholesaler with an american express card and put a hold on their shipments (which are free). Then he auctioned them off on ebay got them shipped to the proper addresses fo' free and made a profit of $1000 on each tv unit on the difference of sale price. Maybe I will do this and keep one for myself. Or somebody will give one to me for Christmas. Either way, I really hope it happens.

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cool, Huh?


Kelly said...

hello sweetness.

when you come to minnesota let me know... not like last time on the last day but instead on the first day.

i will read your blog, do not worry.

yonilizer said...
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yonilizer said...

Us jews don't get TVs anni. We sit around and watch candles and eat soup.

Sometimes we get show-tunes on the radio.