Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yoga dude

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When I was sitting on my ass driving from city to city everyday on my tour these past couple months, i decided i would take a yoga class when i got back to Chicago. The only time I had ever really done yoga was when I took a modern dance class my first year of college, which I should blog about sometime because all of that business was pretty funny.

I found a really cheap and easy evening class through my friend who had been pushing for me to come along for a while. I was out all day without a chance to eat, so when I came home to change my clothes, I ate a huge bowl of "kale, white bean, potato and carrot" soup. As I was eating it my friend who was visiting me said

"I would go to the class with you, but i am afraid i would get diarrhea from releasing all of the toxins or something."

I rushed out the door thinking he was out of his mind. When I got there, a few people were milling outside the locked studio, one of which I recognized as the guy who lives right above me in my building. I hear him playing piano sometimes, but we've never really talked or anything. We had a discussion about our heating units in our building. When he described his heater I just assumed we had the same kind and i was like

"yeah. we have that one too"

and he was like
"you do? are you sure?

and i said
"yes. we definitely have the same heater"

then the class started.
rollin later told me that we definitely have different heaters because all he has is a gas fireplace because his whole system broke down a couple of weeks before i got home.

so my neighbor and i had set our mats up next to each other, because that's what neighbors do. we started stretching, and breathing at the instructors request.

by mid class, i was feeling pretty good. the class was attempting the hardest pose yet.
it was really crazy. your neck is like hanging backwards over your back and your legs are like crossed and one arm is pointing up to the ceiling and the other is holding all of your weight.

i felt an awful and sudden pain in my right shoulder and neck. omg. it hurt so bad. so i just stopped for a little while. and the instructor was like

"come on annie. stay with the group."

and i just rambled. something, i don't even remember. i was in a lot of pain, but then it started to get better. and then she stopped the class once she figured out i was hurt and i was like

"there is like a "cracking" pain in my neck."

"cracking?" can you believe i said that?

she advised i take it easy, which i did. a little too easy.
as we were doing our wind down stretches i farted super loud into my neighbors face.

first time is always akward i guess. i am still going next week.

yours truly


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it wasn't your neighbor's best time of their life, but still, it's better to take it out rather than keep it in...

carlos said...

i think i love you...not in a weird way.
carlos recarte

April said...

As your brother, I am neither surprised that you would fart in your neighbor's face, nor am I surprised that you would blog about it.
- ken