Thursday, September 17, 2009

North Coast Video

My friend Beth works at a video store here in Chicago called North Coast. I was hanging out with her during her shift a couple of days ago. The weather was stormy and the store was packed. People were waiting in line forever as my friend rushed around the store trying to help everybody. I was sitting on a stool behind the retail counter playing tetris on the internet as the store became more and more slammed with customers . People kept addressing me as an employee.

a lady says to me:
"I am returning this video today. It was due last night. Is it late? Do i have to pay a late fee?"

i say:
"yes, it's late. i don't work here, so i don't know if you have to pay a late fee."

A handful of people came to me with similar queries and after hearing them out I would simply say:
"sorry i don't work here"

I went back to my tetris game for another 20 minutes, and then my mom called me on my cell phone. I was chatting for a good 10 minutes while simultaneously trying to continue my game of tetris. I looked up and the line had become huge. Some lady was contesting her late fees for a really long time and was pissed that her reserved copy of the newly released dvd "obsessed" (starring beyonce) had been accidentally rented out. I realized that people were staring and snickering at me in the line. I made eye contact briefly and 6 people fled up to the counter where I was sitting.

everyone was freaking out on me:

customer 1."why aren't you helping your co-worker out, huh?"

customer 2."you've had your head stuck in that damn laptop for the last 15 minutes!"

customer 3. "can i speak to your manager?"

customer 4 "what's this girls deal?" (my personal favorite)

I stood up and stated loud and clearly:


People sheepishly got back in line as i flashed them a huge, slightly insincere smile.

Some woman waiting in line said to another:

" Now THAT'S a good friend. hangin' out on a friday night at the video store while her buddy is workin'"

Some drunk dude with a plastic cup joked with me:
"You better ring us up as long as you're back there taking up space"
(who later told my friend "your top is 3d in all the right places")

and lastly a nice young man came up to me in a shy manner and asked:
"do you play.........violin, or viola? i mean Viola? I think I saw you play last year, well I know I saw you play, It was awesome. "


Kira said...

This made me laugh =)

Zan Robertson said...

This made me laugh so hard my eyes watered. I read it again a few days later and same thing happened. Thanks.

fedge said...

Still, you coulda helped out Beth a LITTLE.