Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Talking on the Train

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I was riding the train back into brooklyn yesterday, and I heard this girl giving advice to her other girlfriend about making her current guy jealous. It went a little something like this if i remember correctly:

"When your talkin 2 him on the phone, click 2 the other line and say, o hold up leeme get diz, den wait a few minutes,just press the mute button, and click back 2 him, say another guyz name, like, o sorry carlos ima talk 2 you later, and when he says, its jason or watever, b like o ma bad, hold up, wait 2 more minutes, and click back 2 your guy...workz great"

caught my ear for sure.....lol


MountsamariA said...

This was on that movie with whatserhead.... Uhh... Katherine Heigl. Some dumb romantic comedy that I didn't see. But the guy tells her to do the exact same thing. I guess it works...

Poison Oak said...

I saw you at Death by Audio last year.. You were really fantastic. I would love to hear you again. Are you playing any New York shows?