Monday, May 10, 2010

Email Address Discount

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I bought a pair of new summer shoes the other day. When I checked out, the clerk asked for my email address. I thought i'd give him my real one cuz I was in a nice mood.

I say:

He goes:
"Oh my god - that's an AMAZING email address"


Clerk says:
"how did it come about"

"well...I am a nanny, who is musical and I used to live in la"

"amazing...I am going to deduct the tax and give you a %15 discount on your shoes just because your email address makes you seem awesome."

While I was happy to get the discount, I couldn't help but think that whole transaction was kind of weird. If you want to woo and keep new customers now I guess you have to flatter them about any stupid little thing you can find out about them. He probably would have found my address or phone number to be "AMAZING" too. But seriously, I should stop complaining cuz I got a discount.


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